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Real estate in Ghana

Our GreenSafe Consult team alongside with other partners, focuse on lifting the hazel on individuals or companies who want to acquire real estate or invest in Ghana. With GreenSafe you can acquire genuine properties with registered title in any city of your choice in Ghana. Call us for free consultation.
Real Estate Investing in Ghana
Land acquisition
House for sale or Rent

Project Management

With teams and partners of seasoned professionals, we work with our clients to develop ideas, design, motivate, arrange, lead and manage accounts, budgets, risks, teams and projects to achieve a fruitful result. We also manage projects within scope, time and budget by focusing on sustainable / green approach across the globe to bring your dream to reality.
Building designs
Construction management
Building construction

Financial Consultation

As we are committed to your best interest and success, we partner with other companies that can assist you in fixing your credit, resolve taxes issues, help with financial investment and insurance. Call us for further assistance.
Financial planning & Taxes